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Blueberries Bleuets Patagonia is a registered trademark under Register No 5,012,242 

Patagonia is nature at its most pristine and desolate, a land of wonders at the end of the earth.

This combination of opposites, of the inviting and the inaccessible, has both lured and deterred numerous peoples to and from the region. Indians were Patagonia's first human inhabitants, tribes that adapted their cultures to the staunch challenges of the land. Of all these tribes, the most formidable, the most legendary, were the Tehuelche -- allegedly, a truculent, gargantuan Indian race. Of course, when the first Europeans encountered the Indians, the Tehuelche proved shorter and more amenable than reputation suggested.

Today, Patagonia -- which occupies nearly a quarter of Argentina alone -- is home to a very small number of farmers and sheep ranchers. Most inhabitants live near the Colorado and Negro river valleys. Still, sheep herds remain Patagonia's number one economic activity. Ranchers occupy wind-protected canyons, where their flocks of sheep have adequate room and food for grazing.

Blueberries Bleuets Patagonia logo is inspired on Lanin Volcano image, showing purity at it's best in a total free of pollution environment.